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This site is dedicated to examining the book written by Robert Lavaggi, Einstein on the Carpet, Unwarping the Space-Time Myth.

Lavaggi challenges the principle that Special Relativity is based on, that the speed of light from one source is the same for observers approaching or separating from that source.

The challenge is based on unambiguous empirical evidence. The book considers the philosophical, academic and practical ramifications of relative light speed.

Readers are encouraged to correspond with the author. Einstein on the Carpet, Unwarping the Space-Time Myth can be ordered from Beahr Publishing, by calling (845) 679-2542, Visa and Mastercard accepted, or by sending a check or money order to Beahr Publishing, 165 Wittenberg Road, Bearsville, New York 12409. Cost is US $12.00, which includes domestic book rate shipping.

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